Native plants are the foundation of a healthy ecosystem, supporting countless species of insects, birds, animals and other plant species. Native plants also play a tremendous role in the sequestration of carbon from our atmosphere.

Despite decades of research reinforcing the necessity for native plant communities, the destruction and loss of these endangered ecosystems continues. Careful collection and propagation of local plant genetics can ensure that 10,000+ years of evolutionary adaptation will not be wiped out by short-sighted human activity. With your help native plants can once again populate areas where they once prospered. 

Every season we snake our way across the landscape, looking for strong populations of native plants. Large, intact populations offer an opportunity to collect “foundation” seed (seed gathered from the wild). We offer this foundation seed seasonally, in addition to the native plants that we grow from these collections. All plants, either bare root or potted, are grown from seed – never wild dug.


One plant at a time, species can be saved.

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Native Plants

We always:

  • grow plants using organic methods only
  • start plants from seed and never use wild dug roots
  • grow and sell true native species, never cultivars or “nativars”
  • disclose the genetic origin of seed used to grow our plants

Please contact us to inquire about future plant availability and pricing.

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Foundation Seed

We believe that native plants should handled with the upmost integrity and care. All of our seed is sustainably collected from native plant communities in the Driftless Area of Wisconsin, as well as sites in Northern Illinois.

Sustainable seed collection means that we only collect 20–70% of the available seed, depending on stability and status of species, location and other ecological factors. In many cases we’re collecting from imperiled plant communities located along roadsides, which are susceptible to mowing, spraying or other disturbance.

Roadsides represent the widespread dissection and fragmentation of contiguous functioning ecosystems.

In some situations the seed we’ve collected represents the last generational expression of a plants genetics, as these sites were later destroyed for the expansion of roads, agriculture or development. As a matter of principle we will always disclose the origin of our seed by county and sometimes township or road.

We prefer to restrain the distribution of foundation seed to locations within a reasonable proximity to the collected source.

Please contact us to inquire about native foundation seed availability and pricing.

In addition to the availability of foundation native plant seed we are now producing small-batch seed packets, both for the packaging of our seed, or for your custom needs.

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Letterpress Printing | bags, packets and postcards


In addition to native plants and foundation seed we are now offering small-batch die cut seed bags, packets and other letterpress printed goods. Our fifty-year-old icon of engineering, the 10×15 Heidelberg T-platen (windmill), prints and die cuts.

Thanks to free space in Peaceful Valley’s vacant goat barn our shop is up and running. All letterpress pieces are printed and hand-assembled in Wisconsin.

Please contact us for more information, including cost, turn-around and technical specifications.

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We’re located in La Crosse, Wisconsin.