Anemone patens (Pasque Flower)

IMG_1253Anemone patens (Pasque Flower)

On the first heated afternoon of a slow moving spring.

Guided by the knowledge of sensible mentoring.

A rocky hill climb to spot hundreds of rare sightings.

The scarcity of such sights is worrisome.

Nearly all of the prairies now wastelands.

Deserts of irreversible greed.

Neighboring land owners are senselessly blind to such impossible conditions.

They see money, subdivided mastery of natural law.

The post-world-war cruelty, nothing is sacred.

Now, here, in the strong gusts of wind I understand.

Only 5 acres remain in a 100 square miles, or more.

Just as endangered as the rainforest or coral reef.

More so, extinct.

Development plows on.

Nothing missed by a species of manipulators.

Until it is gone forever.

Botany Study 130430.10


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