Foundation Seed

We believe that native plants should handled with the upmost integrity and care. All of our seed is sustainably collected from native plant communities in the Driftless Area of Wisconsin, as well as sites in Northern Illinois.

Sustainable seed collection means that we only collect 20–70% of the available seed, depending on stability and status of species, location and other ecological factors. In many cases we’re collecting from imperiled plant communities located along roadsides, which are susceptible to mowing, spraying or other disturbance.

Roadsides represent the widespread dissection and fragmentation of contiguous functioning ecosystems.

In some situations the seed we’ve collected represents the last generational expression of a plants genetics, as these sites were later destroyed for the expansion of roads, agriculture or development. As a matter of principle we will always disclose the origin of our seed by county and sometimes township or road.

We prefer to restrain the distribution of foundation seed to locations within a reasonable proximity to the collected source.

Please contact us to inquire about native foundation seed availability and pricing.

In addition to the availability of foundation native plant seed we are now producing small-batch seed packets, both for the packaging of our seed, or for your custom needs.