These flash cards include a sampling of plant species native to the Driftless Area of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois and Iowa. Each card has a plant photo on the front and includes general growing conditions. The plants family, genus and species are revealed on the back, in addition to well known common names.

  • Start learning and remembering native plant names.
  • This deck contains 155 plant species, native to the Driftless Area.
  • Large 3.5×5.0″ cards are printed in full-color, on 12pt cover stock.
  • Each card shows an image of the plant, as well as the family, genus, species and common name(s). General growing conditions “clues” are also provided.
  • These cards not intended to replace a comprehensive field guide, but can help you memorize common and botanical names.


In June of 2013 I was about to start a new job at Prairie Moon Nursery (Winona, MN). After working in print shops for 12 years, my daily interaction with “scientific” names was definitely minimal. I was having trouble keeping all of the botanical names straight with the often varied common names so I decided to try channeling a simple grade school technique. I wrote common plant names on one side of a note card and botanical nomenclature on the other. While not perfect, the attempt paid off.

For years I have wanted to update my “flash cards”. Luckily, over time I’ve come to know and photograph many plants native to the Upper Midwest. These cards include a sampling of individuals that you might encounter in or near the Driftless Area of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois and Iowa. Some are common, while others are fairly conservative.

My original flash cards from 2013.

These cards will give you a chance to practice pairing a photo of each plant with its common name or family, genus and species. The best way to learn about plants is to observe them in your garden or better yet, a wild plant community. Over time you may even start to identify familiar species streaming along the roadside at 60 mph.

However you observe native plants, you’ll inevitably begin to notice associated insects and the seemingly endless relationships that result. I hope you’ll find these observations as enriching as I have.

There is so much to learn in this world. Get outside, slow down, look and notice.

– Dan Barron

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